Do you know an entrepreneur, business or non-profit organization that is not only a leader in their field but also doing something good for the Nevada community? If so, we want to learn more about them to potentially be featured on our website.

What type of business, entrepreneurship or organizations are you looking for?

When selecting companies or organizations to feature, we look at various things, some of which include: 1) Is your business or organization considered to be a leader, or trend-setter, in your industry, and 2) Is your business or organization doing things to help make our Nevada community better?

Your company or organization doesn’t have to be the biggest, or most popular, to be selected. Simply put, we like to feature good companies or organizations with good people who are doing good things for Nevada.

What does being featured on 36 Royalty consist of?

If selected, we will ask for more information about your company or organization. Depending on how much information you provide, that will help us create our own editorial story about your business or organization. Once the editorial is done, we will post it on 36 Royalty. While you will NOT have the opportunity to approve the article before it’s posted, if you see something you’d like to discuss with us about editing, we will be happy to speak with you. We may, or may not, in our sole discretion, make changes to an article once it’s posted.

Is there a cost to be featured?

There is NO cost to be featured. Our goal is to highlight the businesses and organizations that are providing value and helping make our community better. While not every business or organization will be featured on 36 Royalty, we may be able to help showcase alternate businesses or organizations through other channels.

Can I nominate my own business or organization?

Sure. We’re glad you take pride in your work and community involvement. Again, please keep in mind not every business or organization will be selected to be featured.

Please email us at and let us know more about the business or organization and please feel free to spread the word to any colleagues you know who may be interested in being featured on 36 Royalty.