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Kelly Wood

Kelly Wood is another example of a hard-working Nevadan who started at the bottom and worked his way to the top. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Kelly started as a delivery driver for JCN Courier Service, Inc., a Las Vegas-based courier company specializing in transporting and delivering sensitive medical and other materials in Southern Nevada. He persevered and worked up to his current position as Chief Operation Officer.

His company’s core principles are a direct reflection of his personal ones. Qualities like honesty, integrity, taking care of his clients and following through on promises is what helped Kelly drive his company to be one of the top courier companies in Nevada. He knows how hard work, dedication and determination pay off in the end, a value he instills with his kids.

His personal thoughts and attitude towards community service allows him (and the company he operates) to help better Southern Nevada through community service and outreach.

See his thoughts on business and what he thinks about living in Las Vegas below.

Tell Us About Yourself – Why Do You Consider Yourself Nevada Royalty?

I consider myself 36 Royalty because I am born, raised and thrive in Las Vegas, Nevada. I always consider the greater good and I lead by example. Las Vegas is a city of kickbacks. A desert city of greased palms. A place where a $20 bill can buy you approval, a $100 bill can buy you adulation and $1,000 canonization. Not everyone can live above board.

What Are Your Greatest Accomplishments In Business?

Longevity…pure and simple. I have successfully managed a growing business for over two decades.

Describe Your Business And What Your Role Is.

I am the Chief Operation Officer of JCN Courier Service. We are a local Las Vegas delivery service that specializes in the delivery of sensitive materials. I play a hands-on role in both daily operation and the decision making process of how to grow our business in an ever changing market.

How Did You Get Started In The Business?

I started off as a driver for this company. Through hard work and determination, I worked my way up to Chief Operation Officer.

What Do You Really Like To Do Outside Of Work?

I enjoy spending my free time at family functions.

What Advice Would You Give An Aspiring Entrepreneur Or Business Executive?

Las Vegas is big city benefit, with a small town mentality. Do not burn any bridges. Be person of integrity. Make good on your promises. Your word is your bond.

Do You Do Any Community Service And Why Is It Important To You?

Yes. There is not greater feeling than being able to help someone else achieve the otherwise unattainable.

What Do You Think About Nevada For The Business Community?

Nevada has a unique dynamic when it comes to business. In Las Vegas specifically, it is a very small valley and there truly is endless networking opportunities.

About JCN Courier Service, Inc.

JCN Courier Service, Inc. is a locally owned and established business since 1984. The company specializes in the transportation of sensitive materials throughout Southern Nevada and well versed in the handling and delivery of blood pathogens, pharmaceuticals, laboratory tests, cancer medications, tissue samples, X-ray films, MRI images on compact discs, medical reports, Dexa reports to referring physicians, cardiology reports, echocardiograms, medical billing, inter-office mail, payroll, bank deposits and hospital supplies.

They are a HIPAA Compliant company, including all their drivers, and very knowledgeable of all current rules and regulations. They go above and beyond to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of their clients’ information.

JCN Courier Service, Inc. services all areas in Southern Nevada and have a nationwide transportation company called Neagle Freight Systems, Inc.

For more information about JCN Courier Service, Inc. call them at (702) 221-9131 or visit https://jcncourier.com.