We are seeking creative, outgoing and trend setting individuals to be responsible for introducing and promoting 36 Royalty to their network (both online and offline) in a positive light. Brand Ambassadors are responsible for creating and promoting brand awareness and introducing new products by focusing and engaging the target market in order to drive sales through the website and retail locations.


Let’s start with this. In an ideal world, our Brand Ambassadors would join our Brand Ambassador program because they truly believe in our culture, mission and merchandise and readily share this passion with their network across multiple social media platforms, with or without compensation.

While this is the case with all our Brand Ambassadors, we understand what goes into the planning, thoughtfulness and the amount of time it takes to get just the right media to represent 36 Royalty. Our Brand Ambassadors go above and beyond to put out fun, creative content that positively portrays 36 Royalty to not only their network, but the entire world. Like the content they create, our Brand Ambassadors maintain a friendly, positive social image themselves that reflects the core values of 36 Royalty.


• Get paid to be a Brand Ambassador.
• FREE starter kit which includes clothing items, swag and more. Some items may be for Brand Ambassadors only and not available to the public.
• Discounts on store items (regular priced merchandise only) at all times as long as all requirements are consistently being met.
• Expand your network by getting including on our social media platforms, website, etc. This is a great opportunity for you to get exposure to our audience and help increase your own name and brand awareness to a new audience.
• Access to our commission based selling program.
• Availability to enter sales contest(s) to win prizes.
• Free admission into 36 Royalty events.
• See new designs ready for release, vote on them and provide feedback.
• Free access to our design partner program where designers get paid for their designs and ideas.
• Increase your confidence, gain valuable experience and supplement your resume as a Brand Ambassador. This helps show potential schools and employers your dedication to helping expand a company’s brand by working closely with a team, driving brand awareness and increasing sales.


Brand Ambassadors must be positively promoting 36 Royalty through fun, creative and unique content that aligns with our values. All posts should tag 36 Royalty (@36Royalty) and use 36 Royalty related hashtags (#36Royalty, #NevadaRoyalty, #StatesRoyalty) depending on which platform the content is being posted on.

To maintain your Brand Ambassador status, we expect you to post a minimum of four (4) times per month (ideally once per week). All content and posts must be exclusive to 36 Royalty and shall not contain any references or visibility to other brands, stores, companies or products in any part of the content or your post (including, but not limited to, the visual, audio or text portions of your content or posts).

Brand Ambassadors must also engage in social media interaction (example: comments) from other users with regards to their 36 Royalty posts. This interaction must be done in a timely manner and should be professional, positive and courteous.


By emailing us your information you understand that this is an application only, and all applications will be reviewed by our team. If you are selected, you will be given a Brand Ambassador contract that must be reviewed, completed and signed before becoming a 36 Royalty Brand Ambassador.

Please email your social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, etc) and a current photo to info@36royalty.com and put “36 Royalty Brand Ambassador” in the subject line.